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The local Hearst daily got a nice little mention in Editor and Publisher this week:

For the seventh year, E&P presents, on the following pages, an honor roll of newspapers that shatter the perception that this is a slow-moving dinosaur of an industry that refuses to adapt to rising needs and fresh opportunities. This is never a “10 Best” list, but rather a tip of the hat to a handful of newspapers of widely varying size that have made great strides — and can a serve as a model — in one or more important areas: design, marketing, investigative journalism, online, photography, technology, community awareness, advertising initiatives, diversity in content or hiring, and even, this year, blogging. As usual, we found much to like across the country — from South Florida to the Pacific Northwest. Keep those innovations coming!


Houston Chronicle

The Houston Astros didn’t win the 2005 World Series, but the Houston Chronicle has a strong claim to being the blogging champ among America’s daily newspapers. Since the newspaper started blogging in earnest last year, Chron.com has launched about 30 news, sports, and entertainment blogs by Chronicle staffers. Then in early 2006, Chron.com also began hosting more than 30 reader blogs about everything from birding to Houston’s grassroots art scene.

“Reader blogs are helping us cover the community,” says Chronicle Interactive Journalism Editor Dwight Silverman, who does a tech blog himself for Chron.com.

Unfortunately, when Silverman goes on vacation, things sort of break down. There was one effort to update Silverman’s whimsical link blog on the editorial page while he’s been out the past two weeks, but the person who attempted to update it after Anne Linehan mentioned it here apparently doesn’t understand hyperlinks. Nobody has tried to update the whimsical link blog since. Hyperlinks are pretty bleeding edge.

It’s a good thing Silverman gets back next week.

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