Houstonian declares herself "God's gift to the Senate"

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In an interview with the left-leaning website MyDD, Houstonian and political novice Barbara Radnofsky, who is running as the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate seat held by Kay Bailey Hutchison, concludes with an interesting assertion:

Singer: Final question. If there’s one message that you could send out to the progressive blogosphere, to the Netroots, what would that message be?

Radnofsky: I guess the bottom line that God’s gift to the Senate is sitting in Houston right now having won 60 percent of the vote in the runoff and raised more than a million dollars and spent less than that to win two statewide races, her first two statewide races. They ought to get engaged, they ought to get involved….

It’s good to know that Ms. Radnofsky has no self-esteem issues, even while facing a likely landslide defeat. But who knows — maybe God really will involve Himself in this Senate race and make it competitive!

Thanks to Charles Kuffner for the link.

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