Food and drink roundup (06-22-2006 edition)

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The time has come for a food and drink roundup. Let’s get started, shall we?

Alison Cook starts off this week’s food and drink roundup with an essay on home-grown tomatoes. Having eaten several tomatoes from two wild plants that sprang out of our grass this spring, this interested me. She also tried Tart Cafe in Montrose and makes the PMS sandwich sound yummy, if that’s possible. She also mentions the closing of Aries.

Robb Walsh was not too impressed with most of Black Walnut Cafe‘s offerings, save their gelato. He seemed to like Nelore Churrascaria though. Some of the bH crew tried Nelore recently and found it so so. The price is certainly right, but some of us must have had another local churrascaria on the brain. He also reports on the closing of Aries.

Renee Kientz makes my mouth water with her description of limoncello. The recipe though lists TWO POUNDS of sugar! NOT low-carb friendly.

Peggy Grodinsky doesn’t have much up this week, but she does have a small blurb about the waning supplies of Creamy Creations Poteet Strawberry Ice Cream at H-E-B stores and Central Market. This isn’t low-carb friendly either, but I’m beginning not to care.

Mary Vuong drives up for some curbside delivery, offered more and more at local eateries.

Ken Hoffman tries Long John Silver’s Parmesan Crusted Fish Bites. If someone other than Ken were to tell me about some of the “items” he tries, I’d probably pass. For some reason, he always makes me want to try them. I was THIS close to trying a KFC Famous Bowl a few weeks ago. Scary.

And Lance Scott Walker likes the roominess of the Time Out Ale House.

World Class, all of it!! Enjoy!!

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