Chron reporter discovers Marfreless (eight days later)

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The Chronicle runs one of those “it’s not news until WE say it’s news” stories today about the rumors surrounding Weingarten’s stewardship of the shopping center at West Gray and Shepherd:

IN the recent controversy over the possible demolition of the River Oaks Shopping Center, including its classic art deco theater, the fate of one of the best-kept secrets in Houston has been overlooked.

Overlooked by whom?

Here’s what I posted on July 23:

While it is not an architectural landmark, the mysterious Marfreless lounge also resides in the Shepherd/West Gray shopping complex, and would presumably be affected by Weingarten Realty’s big plans.

In addition to being eight days late, the Chron version also contains an editing error.

To paraphrase a longtime blogger, Advantage blogHOUSTON!

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