Debra Duncan's off the (radio) air

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I'm Joe Pags, and I'm UNBELIEVABLE!

Mike McGuff was the first one to spot it.

And now Isiah Carey is trying to find out what’s up.

What happened to Debra Duncan’s afternoon KTRH-740 show? A commenter on Mike’s blog says she just got tired of doing the morning show on KHOU-11 and then the afternoon gig on KTRH. Joe Pags now has the 1-3 p.m. slot.

UPDATE (08-10-2006): Commenter Rice 88 posts this email response he got from Ken Charles on Duncan’s departure:

Sadly, Debra’s other commitments with TV forced her to leave the radio talk show.

She will come back and do fill in as her schedule permits and I hope one day she decides TV is not for her and she comes back to radio. She would be an awesome talk show host if she could do that full time.

We miss her too.

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