Houston doesn't need Police Chief Montalvo

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Since I wasn’t able to listen to Chris Baker’s show on Friday, I am listening to the podcast of the show (at Kevin’s suggestion), where the topic was the murder of Officer Rodney Johnson.

Wow! Chris really voiced the anger and frustration that so many are feeling right now at the rudderless, impotent city of Houston leadership: Mayor White, Chief Hurtt, (temporarily only a) Councilmember Carol Alvarado (who cheered an illegal immigrant rally back in March), and the rest of City Council.

In the first hour of the show, Chris suggested the mayor send Chief Hurtt back to Phoenix — where his heart obviously is — and find a tough-on-crime police chief, perhaps promoting someone who is already within HPD’s ranks.

Chris, I’m with you, as long as Executive Assistant Police Chief Martha Montalvo isn’t the one promoted.

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