Protesting Metro's Harrisburg transit plan

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Not all East End folks are thrilled with Metro’s plan to put a (don’t say) Bus Rapid Transit line down Harrisburg (via KRIV-26):

Residents and business owners from Harrisburg Blvd. and from the East End voiced their opinion during a protest against Metro’s plan to build a Guideway which would be used by Bus Rapid Transit and eventually by light rail. The protest was directed to reach East End leaders and Councilwoman Carol Alvarado and Mayor Bill White about the issue.

Business owners say there is much more opposition to Metro’s plan.

P.C. Gonzalez, spokesman for the Harrisburg East End Committee and manager of “Gonzalez Income Tax Service”, said that, if the guideway is built, it will seriously hurt one of the main Hispanic business communities of Houston. Gonzalez said that every business owner on the block is scared to death about it, and that the BRT will split the Harrisburg commercial corridor in two.

What it could be the future of Harrisburg Boulevard is already showing. There are already empty lots and boarded-up buildings on Main Street south of downtown.

Now why wouldn’t East End folks be excited about this? Or this?

As for the protest:

The protest took place this morning before Councilwoman Carol Alvarado’s annual State of District I Breakfast.

There really is a “State” event for every single government entity.

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