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The Chronicle‘s Bill Hensel reports that Continental’s regional carrier, Continental Express, will now be occupying all of Terminal B at Intercontinental, now that Northwest Airlines has moved to Terminal A:

Continental Airlines is taking over all the gates in Terminal B at Bush Intercontinental Airport for Continental Express.

For passengers there, it will mean fewer bus trips across the tarmac to board aircraft, Continental spokesman Dave Messing said Tuesday.

Continental was able to expand at Terminal B after Northwest Airlines, which had two gates in Terminal B, relocated to Terminal A earlier this month.

Houston Airport System spokesman Rich Fernandez said Tuesday that the change was made because Continental Express needs more room, and Northwest was willing to move.

“In a way it helps the passengers here,” Fernandez said. “So it works for all parties.”

Houston airport officials are looking at the possibility of further developing Terminal B in the long term. Director of Aviation Rick Vacar has said that is likely a project in a new Master Plan for the airport.

And the Houston Business Journal reports that Houston’s hometown airline has gone all stylish:

Continental Airlines Inc. and carbon-offsetting nonprofit Sustainable Travel International on Wednesday announced a joint venture that will allow Continental passengers to calculate the carbon footprint of their itinerary and purchase carbon offsets from STI.

Brian Mullis, president of STI said that by late 2007 passengers will be able to buy the offsets at the point of ticket purchase, upon check-in, or online at Mullis pegs the industry average payment at about $30 per passenger.

Boulder, Colo-based STI will use the money generated by carbon offsets to fund high-impact sustainable development projects such as reforestation, renewable energy and energy conservation. Passengers will be able to select which projects their payments will go to.

If that makes you feel better about flying the hometown airline, good for you. Then again, if you’re a traveler more like me, you’ll likely be dropping that $30 “carbon offset” in the airport bar. 🙂

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