Stiles: Mayor not happy about lege's red-light camera decision

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The Chronicle‘s Matt Stiles posts that Mayor White isn’t happy with the state legislature’s action that requires cities to divert some red-light-camera revenues to trauma centers.

The mayor and his clever communications shop have made it kind of tough to complain about this.

If, as the mayor insists, the red-light cameras are all about safety and not at all about revenue, then it’s hard to object to the diversion of some revenue to specific public safety/health purposes.

Then again, if the objection is that the legislature shouldn’t be usurping “local control” by imposing “mandates,” the mayor might have to reconsider his own notion of regulating emissions in other cities using Houston’s nuisance ordinances.

It must get tricky sometimes for the mayor’s communications department to keep these competing rhetorical flourishes straight!

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