Granato, Hoffman returning to Houston radio

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The Chronicle‘s David Barron posts today that John Granato and Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman both will be returning to Houston radio shortly.

Granato, who recently left KILT-610, will be launching a show this summer on KILE-1560, and will be the reformatted station’s VP of operations. KILE-1560 will not confirm rumors that Jim Rome Smackoff king Sean Pendergast will co-host Granato’s new show.

Hoffman, until recently a regular Wednesday guest on KPRC-950, will apparently host his own show on KILE-1560, although details were not forthcoming.

Barron wonders if there’s room for yet another sports-talk station in Houston. The answer to that question is no, but the addition of Hoffman as a host suggests the station may well go with the guy-talk/sports format that has proven so successful just up the road in Dallas (with KTCK). I’ve long thought that good radio hosts could make that format work in Houston. Maybe Granato, Hoffman, and crew can pull it off.

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