2pm press conference set from Minute Maid; Purpura, Garner out

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Several media outlets just sent out email blasts that the Astros have called a 2pm press conference for an announcement.

The That Astros Show blog (run by a journalism student who covered the Astros for MLB.com this summer) says that Purpura and Garner have been fired.

We’ll find out shortly.

UPDATE: KRIV-26 also reports that Purpura and Garner will be fired. Berman’s sports department usually doesn’t miss on these sorts of things.

So many Chron blogs, and not a peep on Chron.com about it yet! Maybe they’re all too busy being radio personalities today.

UPDATE 2: Drayton McLane just announced that Purpura is out. Tal Smith will assume the GM role on an interim basis, and a search for a permanent GM will begin tomorrow.

UPDATE 3: McLane just announced that Garner is out. Cecil Cooper will assume the manager’s role on an interim basis.

BLOGVERSATION: Fire Phil Garner.

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