Slade: To heck with students, so long as I get double points!

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The trial of disgraced former TSU president Priscilla Slade is continuing, and the Chronicle‘s Brian Rogers has an update on Slade’s carefree spending of the institution’s funds:

Standing in front of a mountain of cardboard boxes filled with crystal, fine china and silverware, the former assistant of ousted TSU President Priscilla Slade testified this afternoon that the school paid almost $40,000 for the 25-person dining set.

Priscilla Slade

She also testified that it was tax-free, because of Texas Southern University’s tax-free status.

The woman who handled some facets of the finances for the president’s office, Erica Vallier, testified that the $39,793.75 bill from Neiman Marcus was paid from funds that were meant for equipment and furniture for the president’s office.

Slade is accused of spending more than $500,000 of the cash-strapped university’s dollars on personal expenses, including renovations to her house, drapes and bedding.

KRIV-26’s Isiah Carey points out that Slade was also earning some serious Neiman Marcus rewards points with her/TSU’s purchases:

Prosecutors say Dr. Priscilla Slade took abuse to a new level at Texas Southern University. Assistant District Attorney Donna Goode says Dr. Slade went out and purchased $39,000 in crystal china so that she could earn double points on her Neiman Marcus credit card. It’s part of the stores InCircle Friends buying awards program. Goode says Slade purchased the expensive eating ware through TSU and had her staff research if she would be able to claim bonus points on her personal Neiman’s card.

It apparently wasn’t enough to bilk the university (and the public) with her overly lavish lifestyle, but she had to make sure she got the personal reward points as well? Slade is even more audacious than I originally thought.

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