Did someone at the Chronicle get the Editorial mixed up with the Metropolitan section?

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I was surprised to read Rick Casey’s “Have pity on the poor DA” article this morning. Is it me, or does this belong on the editorial page? Why is this listed (on the website) under the metropolitan news pages? This is another example of someone’s opinion (regardless if you agree with it or not) showing up as news. I would also like to point to another statement that got my attention:

The unfairness is made more serious by the growing competitiveness of the Democratic Party in Harris County. Three years ago, Democrat Reginald McKamie, a little-known personal injury lawyer with little criminal law experience and less campaign cash, won 45 percent of the vote. Next year, Rosenthal is likely to face former Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford, who already has better name recognition and is likely to be much better funded than McKamie was.

Well, perhaps another reason is some people aren’t too thrilled with the DA’s office performance as of late (let us not forget that his office did get an indictment against Bradford for perjury that was later dismissed). However, the assertion is that DA Rosenthal is going to face a tougher re-election battle than he did the last time. That shouldn’t matter. The DA has a job to do and he/she should do it regardless of political affiliations. This next race should be interesting to watch.

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