And now, the rest of the story (on Peden's fundraising)

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Yesterday, the Chronicle‘s Alan Bernstein reported the following:

In the neighboring 14th District, Republican incumbent Ron Paul and primary challenger Chris Peden each raised less than $50,000 in the last three months. But thanks to funds from previous campaigns, Paul had a balance of $144,000 at year’s end, twice as much as Peden. Paul can use in the congressional campaign some of the millions he raised to run for president.

At some point, David Benzion of the Lone Star Times (a weblog ostensibly independent from KSEV-700) noted that the numbers were reversed, and that Peden (a KSEV favorite) actually had twice as much money on hand as Paul (not a KSEV favorite). Shortly after Benzion’s post appeared, the story was corrected in the usual annoying nontransparent fashion, with no mention of the previous error.

Today, the Chronicle runs a correction:

Friendswood accountant Chris Peden, who is challenging U.S. Rep. Ron Paul in the Republican primary, had about $144,000 in campaign funds on hand at the end of 2007, more than twice the amount saved by Paul. An article on Page B2 Friday listed incorrect figures.

That correction isn’t nearly as interesting as today’s blog post at the County Seat, though. We encourage you to read the entire post, but here’s the punchline regarding the Peden fundraising juggernaut (or perhaps that should be juggerNOT):

$150,424.49 out of $174,750.80 raised (of which $143,949.92 remain unexpended on banner ads), did not simply come from “local” addresses in towns like Friendswood. It came from one single address in Friendswood: 1878 Flat Rock Street, as in the abode of the candidate himself.

Additionally, the County Seat points out that Peden’s family donated another $16,100 to the candidate, “[placing] just over $166,000 of Peden’s claimed total haul of $174,000 ‘in the family.'”

Peden’s financial support certainly doesn’t seem very deep among the grassroots, despite the KSEV efforts (and Peden’s advertising campaign on the ostensibly independent Lone Star Times) — a nifty bit of insight from the County Seat (or, to channel Paul Harvey, the rest of the story)!

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