Froot Loops Bureau helps out Chron sports section

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We’ve wondered what happened to the Chronicle Froot Loops Bureau, which used to rewrite breaking local news seen on television in the mornings and post it to

It appears that the Froot Loops Bureau may have shifted to the sports section.

Yesterday, a reader passed along a New York Times story that reported the IRS was looking into a Houston-area gym as part of the Clemens steroid/HGH investigation. I furled the story, predicting that a Chron rewrite would probably appear shortly.

That prediction was only half-right. A version of the story by “Chronicle News Services” did indeed appear. However, the Froot Loops Bureau apparently couldn’t even be bothered to rewrite it, instead changing a handful of words and otherwise directly ripping about half the story from the New York Times.


At least the New York newspapers are keeping us up to speed on some of the local angles to this story. Now what is the name of the local Hearst daily again?

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