Hoffman: Baker nominated to Texas Radio Hall of Fame

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The Chronicle‘s Ken Hoffman checks in on former local talker Chris Baker:

Veteran radio talker Chris Baker, the only local host ever to host two different shows on two different stations (KTRH and KPRC) at the same time, was abruptly dismissed from both stations in November.

Then last week he was nominated for the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

That’s radio for you. One moment you’re up, one moment you’re down.

Often they’re the same moment.

I asked him, how badly do you want to be elected to the Hall of Fame? Most people in Baker’s position take the politically correct route … “I’m happy just to be nominated.”

Yeah, right.

If you ever listened to Baker, you know his politics are, well, a little different. Some things never change.

“I don’t know how others feel, but to me it’s a really big deal,” said Baker, who now does his yakking on KTLK-FM in Minneapolis.

KTLK — wow, “talk” about your great radio call letters.

“I grew up listening to Texas radio stations, like KLIF, the Mighty 1190, in Dallas and KFJZ in Fort Worth. As far back as I can remember, I wanted to be on the radio. I spent many days and nights talking into a broomstick over a giant Zenith stereo in our living room doing talk-ups to Kenny Rogers’ Something’s Burning, James Brown’s Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag and Mitch Ryder’s Devil With a Blue Dress.

“My heroes are in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, and if I were to make it, it would be surreal. I had an incredible seven years in Houston, and I am proud of every moment and miss Houston more than you can imagine.

Here’s hoping our old friend makes it in.

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