Shhhh: Discovery Green's parking garage is leaking

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When I saw this post on the Houston Press’ Hair Balls blog:

Leaks At The Discovery Green Garage

I immediately thought of this bH forum thread, where one finds this comment, and this one, and this one, etc, etc

Anyway, the Hair Balls post includes this:

So here’s our question: what’s up with the City Council member who wouldn’t speak on camera? “The sensitive nature of this issue?” Is that double-talk for “I hate the guys who backed the project so I’m going to point out every little flaw I can find and then fan the fire hoping they all go up in flames”?

No, that’s double-talk for “Mayor White didn’t give me permission to talk about Discovery Green’s $21 million leaking parking garage.” You may recall back in January, Mayor White laid down the law for councilmembers. Discovery Green is one of the mayor’s signature achievements, so it’s safe to guess he wouldn’t appreciate the councilmember’s speaking out of turn.

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