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As the end of the city’s fiscal year was approaching, what did city councilmembers do with the remainder of their office budgets? The Chron’s Matt Stiles and Carolyn Feibel asked for all the spending records and wrote it up. Here’s an excerpt:

Six council members bought new TVs with their budget funds. Some mounted large-screen TVs in common staff areas, while others bought each staffer TV sets for their desks.

Two new councilwomen, Wanda Adams and Melissa Noriega, bought five televisions each.


Other council members who bought televisions with public funds include Ron Green, Jolanda Jones, M.J. Khan and James Rodriguez. In all, 22 new TVs were purchased for the council floor, at a cost of $8,705.


District A Councilwoman Toni Lawrence said the council floor has too many televisions in use.

“Sometimes I have to close the door because of the TV noise,” she said.

Be sure to read the entire story for more taxpayer-funded highlights, and don’t forget the comments at the end of the Chron’s story.

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