Mayor to Mincberg: Quit using me in your ads

Image credit: Pixabay

Last week the Chron’s Liz Austin Peterson reported that Mayor White was not overjoyed with county judge candidate David Mincberg’s presumptive use of the mayoral likeness in the wannabe judge’s first TV ad:

Democrat David Mincberg makes liberal use of Mayor Bill White’s name and picture in the first television ad of his county judge campaign, touting his work in the popular leader’s administration and comparing their business experience and management styles.

However, he did not seek permission from White, who generally stays out of local races and has been working to cultivate a good relationship with Republican County Judge Ed Emmett.

White since has made it clear to Mincberg’s campaign that he prefers people to ask permission before using him in a campaign ad, said Michael Moore, the mayor’s chief of staff.

“He does not want that (ad) to be interpreted as an endorsement,” Moore said Wednesday. “The mayor works well with Judge Emmett and has worked well with David Mincberg.”

We are thrilled to learn Mincberg plans on running on his “accomplishments” as the city’s multi-family housing czar, especially since one could argue that his time in that position appears to have been intended to fluff up his r

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