Houston City Council Agenda 9/23/08

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Last week, Mayor White cleared the entire agenda in order to consider quickly four items related to hurricane clean up. This week’s agenda is much more normal, but there are still a few items related to Ike, or of general interest.

Item 11 (no dash) is a series of revisions to the ordinance governing the meetings and agendas. It’s worth noting that they strengthen the ability of the Mayor (or other presiding officer) to have disruptions removed. I guess they’re tired of ducking eggs.

In Item #11-1, the council is temporarily suspending the maximum vacation time that employees may accrue. Many employees don’t bother taking all their vacation days, and accrue close to 750 hours, at which point the city forces them to take days off, or they forfeit the time. Right now, everyone needs to be at work, but no one wants to suffer the loss of a benefit, so the council is arranging for employees to continue to accrue vacation for now.

Item #12, selling some Kirkwood right-of-way to Preach the Word Evangelical Church, Inc.

Item #33 provides for the sale of several blocks-worth of streets to Valero Refinery around 95th through 97th Streets.

Item #32 provides for the annexation of land north of I-10 between Barker-Cypress and Park Row. Go, go, gadget tax base!

Item #34 makes changes to the ordinances relating to regulation of private parking lots, including the right to boot vehicles therein.

Oh, and the big one, going on right now, in a rare evening session:

Item #1. PUBLIC HEARING on the proposal to establish a tax rate of $.63875/$100 of value for Tax Year 2008.

Nothing to see here. Move along…

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