METRO ShredderGate (02/26/2010 Update)

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LOCAL TV NEWS REPORTERS continue to probe further into ShredderGate, METRO’s apparent effort to shred certain documents and purge legal personnel related to the same.

KTRK-13’s Jessica Willey broke some interesting news last night on the timing of attorney Pauline Higgins’ departure from the organization:

Eyewitness News has also learned that Mayor Parker met with Higgins regarding her concerns with METRO over the weekend, just a couple of days before she was fired.

Willey also points out that Mayor Parker’s transition team has had difficulty obtaining public documents from METRO, which won’t come as any surprise to anyone who has tried to obtain documents from the agency.

KRIV-26, KHOU-11, and KPRC-2 have additional coverage of ShredderGate, including comments from Lloyd Kelley (whose public information request sparked this controversy), from Rusty Hardin (who is representing Pauline Higgins, and who promises that six months from now, David Wolff’s confidence in Frank Wilson may seem very misplaced), and from Mayor Annise Parker (who stated forcefully that it’s time for a change of leadership in both positions).

Meanwhile, the Houston Chronicle, long a METRO cheerleader/enabler, led its story today as follows:

Faced with a lawsuit, an increasingly critical mayor and lingering questions about document shredding and high-level firings, Metro board chairman David Wolff took steps Thursday to prop up public confidence in his embattled agency.

With regard to the bolded excerpt, that ship has already sailed. Talk about burying the lede!

Between “SciGuy” Eric Berger’s meltdown over the collapse of the man-made global warming apocalyptic “consensus” and the increasing realization by more and more people that the area’s transit organization is not only arrogant and nontransparent but possibly corrupt, we’re hoping that Hearst has a good grief-counseling package as part of its Houston employee healthcare coverage.

In the meantime, we’ll be looking forward to the TV news reporting of this developing story. If it’s anything like Lloyd Kelley’s last big foray into public documents, heads are eventually going to roll.

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