Dazed and confused: Parker Administration backtracks on religious subpoenas

Image credit: Pixabay

Houston’s increasingly beleaguered mayor, Annise Parker, backtracked Wednesday on her administration’s efforts to intimidate her perceived political enemies in the clergy via the subpoena process.

The move came only two weeks after she effectively doubled down on the original gambit, by removing the word “sermons” from the subpoenas but otherwise leaving the subpoenas intact.

Perhaps the most bizarre comment of the day came from the mayor’s communications director and chief policy officer on twitter:

Deserved criticism over a big legal blunder on a second-tier issue caused Houston’s mayor to “close down” for two weeks? What does that even mean?

And what in the world is her reaction going to be when it is time to deal with the city’s looming financial crisis (which she cannot ignore much longer) or if Houston is struck by a hurricane during the next season? Complete nervous breakdown?

That’s unsettling.

Kevin Whited
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