Houston Chronicle editorial board endorses single-issue candidate for governor, commits major gaffe

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The Houston Chronicle editorial board, led by diminutive former editor-in-chief Jeff Cohen, has endorsed Democratic candidate Wendy Davis for governor.

It’s not particularly surprising that this irrelevant editorial board would endorse a largely unqualified candidate who made her mark on a single issue of great importance to liberals (advocacy for abortion), but this snippet amused us:

Granted, the woman in the rouge-red Mizuno running shoes, the state senator who drew nationwide attention with her dramatic filibuster of an omnibus anti-abortion bill in 2012, has turned out to be something less than the engaging candidate long-suffering Texas Democrats hoped she would be. Davis, in other words, is not the second coming of Ann Richards.

Psst… guys… the big filibuster in favor of abortion that won the hearts of so many liberals in Texas and elsewhere (and apparently your own!) took place last year: 2013. Not 2012.

But please, keep right on lecturing Houstonians about how they should think. It’s still as entertaining as ever (even if we have gotten tired of blogging about the gaffes for the most part).

Kevin Whited
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