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HPD needs YOUR help tracking down this bandit who keeps robbing the same store and riding off on a bicycle (image credit: HPD/Chron)

[WB1] Harris County Flood Control District Executive Director Russ Poppe submitted his resignation on Friday, citing the increased demands of the job and the resulting decline in his personal quality of life. Some have suggested that Poppe’s move is a direct result of scapegoating (presumably by Harris County’s Democratic leadership).

As usual with all matters flood-related, Bob Rehak provides a good analysis of the resignation here.

Obviously, the funding shortfall related to anticipated matching federal funds that never materialized – touted by both Republican and Democratic leaders urging a vote yes for the rushed bond proposal (see WB1) as well as Poppe – had to have played a role in Poppe’s deteriorating quality of life.

At the time of the bond vote, some of us raised concerns (and even urged a no vote) based on the rushed nature of the vote, the vaporware nature of the “matching” funds promises, and doubts about the capacity of Harris County Flood Control (a relatively small agency with a budget of around $100 million) to scale up and manage a few billion dollars worth of projects. Proponents of the Yes vote brushed aside (nay, steamrolled) all such criticism and concerns, all of which remain valid today.

[WB2] A robber has hit a Houston dollar store multiple times, according to the Chronicle, making a slow getaway on a bicycle. This is the state of policing in the City of Houston at the moment.

[WB3] Also, homicides are up 35% from 2020. In 2020, Houston recorded 400 homicides, a 42% increase from 2019. A lot of people are being killed in the City of Houston.

[WB4] The woman who basically SWATTED Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, eventually leading to their deaths during HPD’s Harding Street Massacre, was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison this week. Here’s hoping that sends a strong message NOT TO SWAT YOUR NEIGHBORS.

[WB5] This Chronicle headline is a textbook example of media bias: 1836 Project promoting ‘patriotic education’ in Texas heightens concerns about whitewashing history

The newspaper’s Austin bureau has always leaned left, but they don’t even try to hide it any more.

[WB6] COVID-19 virtue signaling is apparently more important to the Chronicle’s politics columnist than actually trusting science and getting on with things.

[WB7] The Chronicle’s business columnist, Chris Tomlinson, wants you to know “The rich do not pay taxes like you and me.” Tomlinson owns an Austin-area home valued at $1.5 million and a Houston loft valued at roughly $200,000.

[WB8] The Texan notes that Harris County’s employee mask policy “may” clash with Governor Abbott’s order. They try to remain objective, but we’ll be more definitive: It does clash with the governor’s order.

[WB9] Election fraud – what election fraud?

[WB10] The laughable Houston Texans (semi?)professional football franchise have told gullible journos that their 3rd round draft pick impressed them with his ability to throw the football in the rain at his pro day. So, the franchise should be set if a fire breaks out and the sprinklers go off during a game!

(Also, the franchise was apparently set to draft Kellen Mond instead – but the team drafting just ahead of them took him. No word on Mond’s ability to play if the sprinklers go off).

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