Carl Lewis named head track and field coach at UH

Image credit: University of Houston Track and Field program

Hi everyone!

As usual, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but there have been some things that have occurred I wanted to comment about. One of them is that I was thrilled to hear the news that Olympic track and field legend Carl Lewis was named to be the new head track and field coach at the University of Houston. Lewis is taking over from fellow track legend Leroy Burrell, who is headed to coach at Auburn. Burrell in turn took over from the great Tom Tellez, who coached both Lewis and Burrell during their careers in addition to other Olympic-level runners like Mike Marsh, Kirk Baptiste, and Joe DeLoach.

Coach Tellez has long since retired, but he’s been replaced by his son, Kyle Tellez, who has been with the UH. track and field program for some time now. This may amaze some blogHOUSTON readers, but I ran cross-country with Kyle when we were teenagers. Kyle once asked me when we were in our last year of school what I wanted to do. I said to him that I had no idea, but Kyle stated that he wanted to go into coaching. And you know what? He got exactly what he wanted.

And so it is that Carl Lewis and Kyle Tellez will be continuing to train the next generation of great track and field athletes.

This is an exciting day for the University of Houston and it’s something we should be proud of. I’ll need to start thinking of buying tickets to track meets in the future!

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  1. U of H is stepping up, you are correct Neal. Quality, precision coaching is the path to building a great team.

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