Street talk about electing Republican judges in November 2022

Image credit: Aubrey Taylor

Aubrey Taylor is a social media news person and publisher of a local political magazine active primarily around election cycles, when he features as many local races as he can.

Aubrey has been walking the streets of downtown Houston recently, taking the temperature of the room so to speak, and reporting what he’s been seeing. At the top of this article is just one photo that he’s posted on his site.

The photo features an allusion to the so-called Black Magic Girl judges. These were Black women who were elected in recent years to Harris County judgeships, which the media spent plenty of time and effort fawning over. The problem now is that many Harris Count residents, including Blacks, aren’t exactly fawning over them anymore, given Houston’s exploding crime and murder problems. The protestors, according to Mr. Taylor, are not worried at all about Roe vs. Wade. Their biggest concerns are crime and that they perceive that the Harris County judiciary is corrupt.

Mr. Taylor has posted this YouTube video featuring O.J. and Lee Ann Sifuentes, who urge Harris County voters to vote for Republican judges.

The Harris County Republican Party has fielded 68 judicial candidates to contest the November 2022 election. The Republican Party has formed a joint judicial campaign fund to fund their election efforts. If you believe that what these folks are saying is true, then here’s your opportunity to turn the tide around and get Houston’s crime and justice problems back under control.

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  1. The tide will not be turned though there have been several exposes of the turn ’em loose gang at the courthouse. Houston/Harris County will not veer from the road to perdition. Komrade Hidalgo will survive and the slide to the bottom continues.

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