A poor use of (skyrocketing) property tax revenues

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The Chronicle reports the following embarrassing news:

Nearly two-thirds of 2004’s graduating high school seniors now enrolled in Houston-area community colleges are taking remedial classes because they weren’t prepared for college.

Sixteen local school districts sent 6,552 newly graduated students to the Houston Community College System and the North Harris Montgomery College District this fall. Sixty-four percent of them, or 4,217, are taking high school-level courses, according to the colleges.

“It’s sinful to allow a student to show up at a community college and tell them they’ll have to spend the year learning what they should have learned in high school,” said Gene Bottoms, senior vice president of the Southern Regional Education Board, a coalition of states working to improve education. “It’s a problem everywhere.”

Some students in area community colleges need up to 1 1/2 years of remedial math just to catch up.

That’s shameful.

Chris Elam thinks the taxpayers who are funding the bulk of this re-education should be upset.

Greg Wythe takes him to task for… well, it’s not exactly clear.

But go read both of them and decide for yourself.

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