Chron: blogging built on "questionable ethical foundation"

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The Chronicle‘s entertainment editor Andrew Dansby continued with a line of recent Chronicle tributes to Dan Rather last week, and took some shots at bloggers:

Capacity to become a pundit has increased since blogging software (and the term itself) surfaced almost six years ago.

Unlike the cool delivery of news in years past, the new lawn-chair pundit and his minions engage in discourse and the processing and proliferation of ideas. It’s active, and because it is governed by no apparent rules, it is built on a questionable ethical foundation.

Blogging is built on a questionable ethical foundation?

Well, THERE is a quantum leap of logic! Of course, if Dansby spends any time reading his newspaper’s “blogger,” we can certainly forgive his confusion about blogs.

For a more compelling view of blogging and big media, here’s a recent article by N.Z. Bear (a blogger) on Tech Central Station.

(12-01-2004 Update) Here’s another interesting take on blogging and Dan Rather from Chris Weinkopf, editorial page editor of the LA Daily News. I found it via PowerLine, the blog that drove the Rathergate story.

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