White tigers at the Downtown Aquarium

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The Downtown Aquarium has some new inhabitants:

The Downtown Aquarium is now home to four white tigers. They’re part of a new exhibit called White Tigers of the Maharaja’s Temple.


The Downtown Aquarium received certification from the American Zoo and Aquarium Association in September which allowed the facility to become home to large mammals such as white tigers.

These are the only white tigers in Houston and four of only a few dozen in the world. White tigers are even more rare than pandas. The Aquarium hopes to raise awareness of the tiger’s plight through education.

The Aquarium, one of Houston’s most popular tourist attractions, is also home to everything from sharks to stingrays.

Yes, well, sharks and stingrays do seem to fit with the aquarium theme. I don’t know about tigers, but I’m sure the big kitties will be a big draw.

UPDATE: Here’s the Chronicle‘s story on the big kitties.

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