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The Houston Architecture.Info Forum has an interesting discussion going about neighborhoods in the near southwest of Houston (and of other development more broadly).

I added the website to the blogroll on the sidebar a while back after discovering that the name is a bit misleading. While architecture is an interest, the forum is a much broader discussion board about Houston and the goings on here. The board has a large, active membership, and much of the commentary is well written and insightful.

As the local print media continues to neglect coverage of local matters, I would guess that we’re going to see sites like the Houston Architecture Info Forum and blogs like this one continue to gain readership. A smart media source would try to use cheap blog/forum technology to leverage the interest of people in their communities, and involve them in the journalistic process. Houston’s leading information source, on the other hand, seems to think layout changes and insipid non-blogs will do the trick.

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