Robison: Perry promoting "prejudice and divisiveness"

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Weekend partisan lefty ranter and weekday “objective Austin news bureau chief” Clay Robison criticizes Governor Perry today for his support of traditional versus gay marriage in Texas:

Clay Robison

For better or worse, Perry has hitched his re-election to the social conservatives who are influential in the Republican primary and who warmly applaud further restrictions against same-sex marriages.

There isn’t anything wrong, of course, with the governor courting conservatives, but he should be more careful to temper his remarks. Even on the eve of what may be a hotly contested re-election campagn, the governor is supposed to lead, not divide.

The same-sex marriage amendment, however, doesn’t invite leadership as much as it promotes prejudice and divisiveness.

Leaving aside the horror of a politician courting conservative voters in a conservative state, one still is left wondering why Clay Robison thinks his own position on gay marriage is preferable to the 60-70% of voters who will vote yes on the gay-marriage amendment he is discussing, voters he’s come very close to accusing of being prejudiced.

Robison is no fan of social conservatives in Texas, as he makes clear in this editorial. Fine. We’re no fan of Austin bureau chiefs who have such strong antipathy towards social conservatives, and we think there should be more of a firewall between opinion and news. The Chronicle editors obviously feel differently.

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