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We normally plug the BizRadio 1320 blogger segment every Saturday morning, but this will likely be our last plug for a while.

The blogHOUSTON crew needed to scale back the time commitment, plus we thought it was time for some other fine area bloggers to get a shot at sharing their perspectives, so we’re out of the radio game for the time being.

We passed along some suggestions to the BizRadio crew culled from these lists, but we have no idea if they’ll take our suggestions or turn the segment into the Kuffner Blogs half hour.

So, there’s a bit of mystery about the blogger segment today. If that sort of mystery interests you, feel free to tune in or stream the show.

ANNE’S UPDATE: Well, I was a bit disappointed. I had hoped that another Houston-area blogger would get a chance to do the show with Charles, but that didn’t happen. It was an interesting segment, of course, talking about the Texas Lottery, school finance, Craig Biggio’s bruises and the Houston-area’s population growth.

And next week Charles will be cohosting the show with Jon-Michial Carter — The Carter and Kuff show! Go Charles!

KEVIN WHITED ADDS: That is extremely disappointing. Sorry, fellow Houston-area bloggers. We tried to get you some voice time.

As usual, Laurence Simon seems to have been proven prescient. How does that guy do it?

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