Will the peace caravan make it to the Houston area?

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Chris Elam called attention to a weekend Reuters (?!) report in the Chronicle that Cindy Sheehan might pay a visit to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s local office:

Sheehan has been demanding a [second] meeting with Bush to discuss the U.S. presence in Iraq, where her son Casey was killed in 2004.

She plans to launch a bus tour Thursday from Bush’s ranch to the White House to campaign for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

One of DeLay’s Houston-area district offices likely would be the first stop, she said.

“I think our first stop might be Tom DeLay’s office” in the Houston area, she said., surrounded by supporters. “I just wanted to let him know so he’ll be in his office when we get there.”

“The president is not going to meet with us, probably,” Sheehan said. “We the people need to influence our congressional representatives, and I hear he’s pretty close by,” said Sheehan, referring to DeLay.

A spokeswoman for DeLay said his schedule already is set and he does not plan to change it to meet with Sheehan.

“Mr. DeLay disagrees with those who believe we should give the terrorists the timeline they want and simply cut and run from the war in Iraq,” said DeLay spokeswoman Shannon Flaherty.

Awww, that’s no fun Miss Flaherty. Please invite Cindy Sheehan to a local office. That’s one the blogHOUSTON crew might just have to request press credentials to liveblog!

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