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Yesterday, photographer F. Carter Smith emailed me regarding an earlier blog post about House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s comments at the Reliant hurricane relief site.

I’m posting his photo (bottom) and email with permission (secured today):

In your blog, you mused that there must have been cameras around during the Bush Economic Team’s tour of Reliant Center City. Actually, I was the only still photographer there that day (except for some point and shooters). TV had a pool video camera following Elaine L. Chao at the time.

It happened as you said, pretty much.

Snow spotted the kids on the tour. DeLay told these kids (with no parents in sight) that Secretary Snow was an important man from Washington, then Snow said Delay was an important Congressman. (Modest laughing) The kids were all lying around on a cot and appeared to have no clue who these visitors were. DeLay lightened the subject with the camping out comment. “You gotta admit, isn’t it kinda fun, like camping out?” Then Snow gave one kid an awkward pat on the back and they all moved on.

F. Carter Smith

Tom DeLay talks to cute children at Reliant
Thanks to Mr. Smith for the photo and for helping us further to flesh out what happened.

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