If Mayor White wanted to fight graffiti, he'd find the money

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In this story on Houston’s growing graffiti problem, KTRK-13’s Deborah Wrigley says this:

Funding cleanups is another matter for a cash-strapped city budget.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if local media actually checked that out? It’s stated as a fact, but why? Did the mayor’s office tell Wrigley that?

Tom Bazan checks out monthly sales tax revenues reports for the city of Houston, and almost every month he finds that the city is collecting more than in the previous year. Does the city publicize that? Do local media check out monthly sales tax reports?

How come our local media question whether or not CoH has the money to increase police manpower and fight graffiti, yet local media never question whether or not the city has the money to fund an African American museum, a grand new city park, Tasers (that may be problematic), and day labor (wink, wink) sites, among many other dubious expenditures?

Oh, let’s just keep going: a $35,000 desk, $2 million for a new orchestra pit in the Wortham Center, $700,000 for shiny new police badges, $85,000 to teach city employees how to be nice, and at least $100,000 to fight the voter-approved Proposition 2.

The city has the money to fund graffiti abatement; the problem is Mayor White hasn’t decided to make it a priority.

UPDATE: In the forum, Laurence Simon adds the mayor’s (taxpayer-funded) inauguration announcements to the list. Mayor White has to thank his supporters, you know!

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