A new defense for Priscilla Slade

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I’m finally back in town and scouring old news (olds!), and couldn’t let this Chronicle story go by without comment:

Two Houston-area lawmakers kicked off a campaign Thursday to pressure the state Legislature to continue sending extra money to Texas Southern and Prairie View A&M universities to offset past discrimination.

State Sen. Rodney Ellis and Rep. Garnet Coleman, both Houston Democrats, said they will file a civil rights complaint if the state doesn’t renew the $250 million funding that was given to the historically black universities in 2001.


Coleman said the Legislature in 2001 gave TSU and Prairie View $125 million each above their regular budgets. The universities used $100 million each for capital improvements….

The Chronicle‘s Matthew Tresaugue has done a great job documenting some of former TSU President Priscilla Slade’s questionable “capital improvements” to her residence. Maybe she wouldn’t have been terminated if she had simply pointed out she spent the $130,000 to remedy the past discrimination against her yard!

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