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Earlier in the week, we read with some dismay on Dwight Silverman’s blog that he would be taking off for the week. cursor

The Chronicle tech columnist is also a big poobah for things online at the Hearst Daily, and since the big burnt-orange redesign of, he has been the person responsible for updating a daily linkblog that highlights local blog posts that he finds entertaining (the linkblog occupies prominent screen real estate on the online editorial page).

Apparently, there is only one person in the mighty empire capable of updating the link blog, so when Silverman is unavailable, it just sits there, stale. So, in case anyone wants to check out what local blogs caught Silverman’s eye last Friday, they’re right there for the clicking. Still.

But who knows — given the timely Editorial LiveJournalists, we could possibly see a staff editorial over the next few days on one of those very topics that a blogger hit last week. So it kind of works on one level.

UPDATE (09-01-2006): has made what we hope is a permanent change to the page, replacing Silverman’s whimsical linkblog with the Blogburst widget that was previously located on the metro/state page.

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