"Urban planner" laments lack of opposition to highway 290 expansion

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KHOU-11’s Jeremy Desel reports that public comment sessions on the proposed highway 290 expansion have produced very little in the way of public comment/opposition:

The planned expansion of State Highway 290 could impact hundreds of homes and businesses the displacement list is long more questions than answers.

“Just rumor from what I’ve heard from people. Just rumors. And their is many different stories,” said [business owner Stan] Campbell.

The problem is the public comment period for the project ended Wednesday. And the deadline passed with little outcry from those potentially affected.


Not what urban planner David Crossley of the Gulf Coast Institute was looking for.

“It not only surprises me it surprises me a lot and it saddens me too,” Crossley said.

That’s the same “urban planner David Crossley” who’s been a strong advocate for running rail down Richmond (no matter what folks who live/work/drive along Richmond have to say during public comment!) and whose Gulf Coast Institute has also worked for METRO to “study” the matter.

Interestingly, the same groups that lament the apparent lack of opposition to the highway 290 tend to favor METRO running roughshod over folks who live/work/drive along Richmond and who oppose losing traffic capacity, property, and green space to dangerous, ill-conceived at-grade rail. Funny how that works.

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