Twelve million dollars for replacement water meters and parts

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City Council agendas are often tough to translate (links to explanatory information would be most welcome), so I’m curious if this agenda item says what I think it says:

33. RECOMMENDATION from Finance & Administration Department to adopt award to BADGER METER, INC – $8,630,476.00, HD SUPPLY WATERWORKS – $1,130,125.00, AQUA‑METRIC SALES COMPANY – $1,370,908.00 and MACAULAY CONTROLS COMPANY – $1,037,529.00 for Water Meters and Water Meter Replacement Parts for Department of Public Works & Engineering – 5 Years – $12,169,038.00 – Enterprise Funds


This was Item 8 on Agenda of August 29, 2007

I think this is related to the city’s disastrous attempt to automate water meter reading, but please correct me if I’ve got this wrong.

Is the city still spending money on parts for the cutting-edge meters that have performed so poorly? Or is this going toward the more dependable, old-style meters?

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