Lifestyles of the well-heeled (cont'd)

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We missed this gem from a few days ago by the Chronicle‘s Mike Tolson:

Love the Texans but hate fighting traffic on game days? You might consider catching a ride with team owner Bob McNair and his family, who get a three-officer motorcycle police escort from his River Oaks mansion to Reliant Stadium’s front door.

Bob McNair

Traffic lights are no obstacle. The officers pull into the intersections and put up their hands to stop all other traffic as the two McNair vehicles breeze on through. Total time in transit? Less than 15 minutes.

McNair has been paying off-duty officers for an escort since the team’s first season in 2002. Publicity about it prompted Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Jack Abercia to prohibit his officers from doing the extra work, but McNair found officers from other agencies to step in.

McNair spokesman Tony Wylie said there is nothing wrong with the VIP treatment and that he is not breaking any laws.

“He’s just hiring this service to escort him from his home so that he can get there on time,” Wylie said.

Let me get this right — there’s nothing wrong with someone hiring cops to help him violate traffic laws (i.e. running traffic lights), so long as the person has enough money and is in a big hurry.

Real nice attitude.

One wonders why traffic on gameday is much of a problem at all, though, given the absolutely putrid product that McNair and crew have put on the field every year of the franchise’s existence.

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