Why would anyone miss this when it's gone?

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The Chronicle‘s six-days-per-week Austin bureau chief and one-day-per-week lefty editorialist offered this snippet in his latest opinion column:

Clay Robison

Although a lifelong Republican of the traditional, country club genre (as opposed to the more-rabid social conservatives who now control the Texas GOP), Straus has in the past voted for Democrats for selected offices and presumably will do so in the future.

Nice, objective treatment from the Austin bureau chief.

I’m sure that’s how (other) people who dislike social conservatives feel, anyway.

And I’m sure that Clay Robison’s attitude would never come through while he is playing bureau chief the other six days of the week, when he’s objective and evenhanded. *wink*

The Chronicle‘s erratic features editor keeps telling us we’re going to miss them (them being newspapers) when they’re gone. But this regular business from Robison, a deceitful editorial board, unethical impersonation of hurricane refugees, a featured columnist who’s a plagiarist, or even the typical MeMo fare aren’t really going to be missed.

We are hopeful some metro/state reporters will still be around if that dead weight is ever cast aside, though, because what they do is important and should be valued.

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