Frank Wilson: The Main Street Line is irreplaceable

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METRO’s very expensive blogger posts an excerpt from a trade magazine interview with Frank “Procurement Disaster” Wilson, where METRO’s CEO says:

“Before there was a rail line on Main Street, Houston didn’t understand what rail was. And the first year after it was here, it was a curse that was sent here by the transit gods,” said Wilson.

And now it’s irreplaceable in five short years. There’s no [sic] here who’s going to say we should roll it up and give Main Street back to the automobile,” he continued.

It succeeded because of the locations the 7.5 mile line connects – the financial district, downtown and the Texas Medical Center.

“There is no other place that connects all that…Now people use this as a horizontal elevator. It’s like a cable car but flat – on and off, on and off, on and off,” said Wilson.

It’s so irreplaceable, not to mention indispensable, that Frank Wilson has to have a $1,000 per month car allowance!

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