Bazan: Ruling class exempts itself from basic laws

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by Tom Bazan

The Chronicle’s follow-up editorial on Chief McClelland seems to miss the point. The Houston Police Chief hit a pedestrian, who was in a crosswalk, and the ruling class will not issue a ticket to the Police Chief, who is supposed to enforce ALL the laws!

Mayor Annise Parker on Bike To Work Day 2013 (courtesy CoH website)
Mayor Annise Parker on Bike To Work Day 2013 (courtesy CoH website)

In June, the City Council wasted vast amounts of time and taxpayer resources on the stinking “Safe Passing” ordinance, which was more to placate the bike militants, although it was said to also protect pedestrians. It is clear that that ordinance does not protect pedestrians from the Ruling Class.

The Mayor, who always wants to tell the citizens what to do and when to do it, has shown again that the Ruling Class exempts themselves from these restrictive ordinances that they mindlessly pass to control our lives.

Had this been a typical citizen, the driver would have been ticketed. Imagine the outrage if the victim was riding a bike! (See photo)

Hopefully, the next Mayor, Ben Hall, will put a stop to this insanity.

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Tom Bazan has a degree in real-estate valuation, has been a TREC licensed broker in Texas for over two decades, and has previously been licensed in Alaska, California, and Michigan. He is a property tax arbitrator, a real estate instructor, and is AQB-certified to teach appraisers the USPAP. He is one of a select group of experienced commercial real-estate appraisers who has been hired often by the City of Houston to appraise real property for the City of Houston as well as the Houston Airport system.