Weekend brunch for 24 January 2021

Former Astro George Springer; Image credit: Keith Allison/Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

[WB1] Despite the caterwauling from so many (anti-Abbott) journalists about COVID-19 in Texas, various indicators in Houston (including analysis of sewage) suggest that the area numbers are actually improving.

[WB2] Unfortunately, despite the great success of Operation Warp Speed, Texas continues to be short-changed in the number of COVID-19 vaccines it is receiving. Bill King has been tracking this issue and trying (mostly in vain) to interest the Texas Congressional delegation in the matter.

[WB3] As the Biden era begins, Texas political media resumes Abbott Derangement Syndrome grandstanding (See what we did there? If not, be sure to click over)

[WB4] The 18-year (now former) HPD cop who participated in the Capitol Hill trespassing on 6 January has been charged.

[WB5] Six additional HPD officers (some current, some former) are under investigation in the ongoing probe of the Harding Street Massacre (which happened nearly two years ago).

[WB6] A Harris County Public Health official has been charged with stealing 9 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, at a time when many Harris health officials say they’re running out of the vaccine. Indeed, if you’re not patients of Memorial or Methodist health systems, you’ll probably find your access to the vaccine is difficult.

[WB7] We left out one other category: Per Mayor Turner’s bizarre recurring vaccine voyeurism, we know if you’re a member of Houston’s political elite, your access to the vaccine is assured. Ditto Rodney Ellis, who claimed he was “lucky” to receive the vaccine, when in reality the effective Political Boss of Harris County was alway going to get the vaccine pretty much whenever he wanted to get the vaccine.

[WB8] The area newspaper notes that the pandemic drove the worst annual job loss tally on record for Texas. This week’s decision by the Biden administration to suspend federal oil and gas leasing will not help the area job market any. Strangely, the newspaper’s story on this issue of importance to the area did not include a quote from Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, whose district (CD7) will be affected by that decision by her party. A good candidate might have beaten her this last time – perhaps the GOP will find one for the next election.

[WB9] After last week’s news indicating that Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez was eager to work with a federal judge to release up to 2,000 Harris County jail inmates, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s office has dumped cold water on that idea, finding only about 60 candidates for bail reduction.

[WB10] George Springer, the Heart and Soul of this most recent Astros championship contention era, has signed a mega-contract with Toronto. Meanwhile, the Texans, who were the first to fire their coach this season, are the only NFL team that has not managed to hire a head coach for next season, but they have settled on a prayer coach (perhaps instead of their franchise quarterback).  Thank goodness for Kelvin Sampson, or Houston sports would be really rough right now.

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