Weekend brunch for 3 October 2021

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Jersey of Carlos Correa, who is likely to depart the Astros via free agency after the season

[WB1] The latest GLO plans to distribute federal Hurricane Harvey funds have $750 million going to Harris County and $0 going to the City of Houston. That’s quite the non-endorsement of city leadership. Oof.

[WB2] Bob Rehak has posted some useful information about how flood insurance premiums could change under FEMA’s new Risk Rating 2.0.

[WB3] Two more shooting deaths outside sketchy illegal clubs have occurred within a one-mile radius of the shooting death from just a few weeks ago (see WB3). This little part of the 77063 zip code feels like a lawless killing zone of late. A little further east on Richmond, a man was arrested and charged with killing three people in a parking lot stunt/street chase gone awry.

[WB4] This Chronicle article about Miami’s current police chief (Houston’s former chief) is very strange, since there’s no reason for Houston residents to care about Miami’s goings on.

[WB5] This Chronicle column is very strange, in that the columnist criticizes conflicts of interest and lack of transparency in others even though he regularly fails to disclose his own conflicts of interest (namely, his wife’s ties to the renewable energy industry) when pontificating as he does about energy.

[WB6] This Chronicle article about racial disparities in police stops in Fort Bend county is very strange, in that it does not seem to examine probable cause (kind of important) in any systematic fashion (or at all, actually).

[WB7] This Chronicle article about the death of a well-known (unvaccinated) Third Ward baker of COVID-19 is very strange, since the same newspaper spent so much time earlier in the year scolding and shaming Trump/GOP voters for (allegedly) not getting their shots. Who knew that other groups were vaccine-hesitant?

[WB8] This Chronicle article about an event that had not yet taken place at the time of publication is very strange.

[WB9] Mike McGuff reports that Dominique Sachse is leaving KPRC-2, Art Rascon is leaving KTRK-13, and Jacob Rascon is moving from KPRC-2 to KTRK-13.

[WB10] Congrats to the Houston Astros, who clinched another AL West title this week and will face the Chicago White Sox in the playoffs.

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