Food and drink roundup (12-30-2004 edition)

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We skipped the food and drink roundup last Thursday, with Christmas approaching.

With a New Year’s weekend coming, this seems like the right time for a double dose of food and drink reviews.

Robb Walsh concludes that Sunday night is the best time to visit Annapurna South Indian Cuisine on NASA Road 1. And he finds Grand Lux Cafe in the Galleria area fun, if a bit “hollow.”

Alison Cook stays in town, visiting Stamps Superburgers.

Gracie Ochoa checks out The Underground Bar in west Houston.

And finally, Mona Shoup has a couple of weeks’ worth of Whine and Dine (here and here).

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year full of good food and drink (or, to quote Marvin Zindler, “whatever makes you happy”).

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