Asinine zero-tolerance policies

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Chris Baker is discussing this zero-tolerance stupidity coming out of Cy-Fair ISD. (I guess you know where I come down on this issue.)

Zero-tolerance policies (in my opinion) are helpful crutches for lazy school administrators. It makes their jobs easier and reduces the amount of time they have to spend dealing with disciplinary issues.

What if a normally good student who gets good grades and has a record of good conduct accidentally brings an aspirin to school? Of course with today’s zero-tolerance policies, that student faces suspension or expulsion. No ifs, ands or buts.

What if a normally good student is tired of getting punched by the school bully and decides to punch back? Of course, the good student is assumed just as guilty as the bully (who has a history of visiting the principal’s office) and both serve the same punishment. (My neighbor just went through an incident like that.)

Zero-tolerance nonsense is just one more reason why parents are increasingly disgusted with one-size-fits-all public schools, and it’s good to see parents fighting back and Chris Baker giving it some further attention.

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