If you see a copper thief, be sure to call HPD

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Houston’s copper bandits have been in the news again lately.

This bit of advice to citizens from an HPD captain (via KHOU-11’s Jeff McShan) following the latest brazen copper heist caught our eye today:

“Usually we see people with drug addictions, and often times they are homeless, so they are people that are very difficult to track down,” [HPD Captain Cesar] Moore said.

But he said you can help. If you see someone walking down the street [carrying] wire or copper, call HPD so they can check it out

Right! We bet there will be a rapid response to that sort of non-emergency call involving people who are “very difficult to track down.”

If that doesn’t pan out, maybe Council can pass another ordinance. Or Chief Hurtt can come up with an acronym!

UPDATE: Even better, let’s put Borris Miles in charge of a copper-theft task force!

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