Bazan: Houston Chronicle reporter misses the real story behind effort to deny Dave Wilson seat he won (updated)

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Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan’s naked partisanship, disregard for will of voters are problematic

By Tom Bazan

With regard to the January 1st Houston Chronicle story on the extraordinary efforts to deny newly elected HCC trustee Dave Wilson his seat, I was eerily reminded of the movie “The Omega Man” by the reporter’s description of Mr. Wilson’s nondescript urban bunker, where he resides safely above those who scurry in the darkness and are bent upon trying to destroy him before he can carry out his mission of exposing the waste, fraud, and taxpayer abuse by entrenched politicians, some of whom are seemingly institutionalizing cronyism.

There is no comment about the Democrat Judge that Democrat Vince Ryan was able to rely upon for the injunction.

The Houston Chronicle reporter didn’t bother to report that the very judge who issued the injunction barring Wilson from taking his seat was just fined a few months ago by the Texas Ethics Commission for violating the campaign contribution limit law. Heck, the judge ethically should have refused to hear the case!

The link to the Texas State Bar Enforcement is here.

The link to Texas Ethics Commission Orders is here.

The “low-information” Houston Chronicle readers need to realize that there may be another agenda at 801 Texas Avenue than reporting the true story.

The citizenry needs to oust any elected officials, whether it’s the County Attorney and/or judges, who are nakedly partisan in attempting to thwart the will of voters. How many of the other Democrat (Mr. Wilson seemingly has run as a Democrat, trying to unseat the corrupt County Commissioner, or, in non-partisan elections) elected officials, living outside their districts, has Mr. Ryan bothered to harass? None that I can recall.

It appears Mr. Wilson may have to stay hunkered down as Houston’s version of the Omega Man, until some light exposes the truth.


Editor’s Update (01/03/2014): Mr. Wilson passed along documentation yesterday that he has taken the oath of office, which will, no doubt, cause consternation among LibDem bloggers and politicos. It was never clear that the partisan judge had the authority to prevent Mr. Wilson from taking the oath in the first place, a subject that has not been explored by those who have covered this story (such as the Houston Chronicle).


Tom Bazan has a degree in real-estate valuation, has been a TREC licensed broker in Texas for over two decades, and has previously been licensed in Alaska, California, and Michigan. He is a property tax arbitrator, a real estate instructor, and is AQB-certified to teach appraisers the USPAP. He is one of a select group of experienced commercial real-estate appraisers who has been hired often by the City of Houston to appraise real property for the City of Houston as well as the Houston Airport system.


  1. It is my information that Dave Wilson was sworn into office at 12:05AM January 1, 2014, and that the Texas Secretary of State’s office has sent the official stamped document to the Houston Community College. It seems to me that Mr. Wilson has been officially seated by the State process.

    • This is coming to a head tomorrow. Look into the building department “red tag”, subpoenas, 11th hour filings, veiled threats and incredible political Vince-foolery.

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