We TOLD you the Chron editorial board is Mrs. White!

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Over at Culture Map, Clifford Pugh continues to break interesting news about the changes at the Houston Chronicle under the leadership of new editor Nancy Barnes.

Most of the changes make quite a bit of sense, in terms of re-orienting the newspaper from what has been a features overload for years back in the direction of hard news. Certainly, some of the columns that are going away (such as Kyrie “Memo” O’Connor’s and Tony Freemantle’s) felt more like indulgences of senior staff than must-read parts of the newspaper.

In addition to the revelation that the erratic and easily distracted O’Connor may be asked to do hard news (!), we were amused to read that Jeff Cohen (by the way, why is that expensive dead weight still consuming resources that could be redirected towards NEWS?) has asked Andrea White, the wife of former Mayor Bill White, to join his editorial board.

Many years ago, Cory Crow gave the Chron editorial board the moniker “Mrs. White,” since the Chronicle under the leadership of diminutive editor Jeff Cohen (who was thought to lunch with Mayor White quite frequently) always stood behind their man, Mr. Bill. It seems like we’ll have to bring back the old reference, which we also had adopted at the time!

Back in the day, Andrea White used to write a poetry blog for what were then the Examiner newspapers. Sadly, the blog posts don’t all seem to have made it over to the successor newspapers. Perhaps the Chron editorial board can start a new poetry blog!

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